Matsushita patents granted on 29 May 2007

38 US patents granted on 29 May 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,225,465 Method and system for remote management of personal security devices
2 7,225,418 Operation analyzing method for semiconductor integrated circuit device, analyzing system used in the same, and optimization design method using the same
3 7,225,393 Viterbi decoder and Viterbi decoding method
4 7,225,388 Error correction encoding and decoding methods and apparatuses for DVI audio data
5 7,225,342 Terminal apparatus, communication method, and communication system
6 7,225,273 Interface apparatus provided between two remote control systems having different transmission modes
7 7,225,252 Observation display method for dynamically changing on monitor screen object information observed on computer network and observation display system using computer network
8 7,224,946 Flip electronic equipment
9 7,224,887 Recording and reproducing apparatus, MPEG image stream recording and reproducing
10 7,224,823 Parameter estimation apparatus and data matching apparatus
11 7,224,753 M-ary-modulation-capable equalizing processing apparatus, received signal processing system, receiver and M-ary-modulation-capable equalizing processing method
12 7,224,684 Communication terminal accommodating apparatus and communication terminal accommodating method
13 7,224,682 Terminal apparatus for enabling a plurality of different communication systems to coexist
14 7,224,650 Recording medium, its controller and controlling method
15 7,224,580 Exterior enclosure for portable information processor, method of manufacturing the same, and portable information processor using the enclosure
16 7,224,497 Light source of image reading apparatus and driving device of light source
17 7,224,398 Surveillance camera apparatus
18 7,224,317 Wireless communication device, information-processing apparatus using the device, and method for assembling the apparatus
19 7,224,240 Balanced high-frequency filter, antenna duplexer, balanced high-frequency circuit and communication apparatus
20 7,224,238 Frequency modulator, frequency modulating method, and wireless circuit
21 7,224,237 Modulator and correction method thereof
22 7,224,112 Color cathode-ray tube
23 7,224,105 Piezoelectric element, composite piezoelectric element, and filter, duplexer and communication equipment using the same
24 7,224,092 Brushless motor
25 7,224,036 Photoelectric transducer and its manufacturing method
26 7,224,014 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
27 7,224,006 Semiconductor device
28 7,223,987 Process for producing phosphor and plasma display panel unit
29 7,223,950 Microwave burning furnace including heating element having two types of materials
30 7,223,847 Method for producing cobalt-protein complex
31 7,223,715 Purification catalyst, preparation process therefor and gas-purifying apparatus
32 7,223,617 Semiconductor laser device and a method of mounting a semiconductor laser component on a submount
33 7,223,496 Electrochemical element
34 7,223,296 Hydrogen generation system and fuel cell system having the same
35 7,223,145 Fluorescent lamp having meandering discharge path and manufacturing method of the same
36 7,222,774 Electronic component mounting apparatus and electronic component mounting method
37 7,222,413 Board transferring apparatus including identifying devices, and component mounting apparatus including the board transferring apparatus
38 D543,518 Television receiver