Matsushita patents granted on 30 January 2007

49 US patents granted on 30 January 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D536,136 Nose hair trimmer
2 D536,135 Nose hair trimmer
3 7,171,645 Semiconductor device, method of generating pattern for semiconductor device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device and device of generating pattern used for semiconductor device
4 7,171,643 System LSI design support apparatus and a system LSI design support method
5 7,171,640 System and method for operation verification of semiconductor integrated circuit
6 7,171,608 Data playback equipment for playing back data recorded on a disk medium
7 7,171,600 Semiconductor wiring substrate, semiconductor device, method for testing semiconductor device, and method for mounting semiconductor device
8 7,171,549 Information processing apparatus for start-up of an operating system using three different initialization modes in a specific sequence
9 7,171,533 Storage device
10 7,171,354 Audio decoder and coding error compensating method
11 7,171,307 Mobile portable terminal, communication host apparatus, and weather forecasting system
12 7,171,294 On-vehicle video playback system and car navigation device
13 7,171,186 Cellular mobile phone with user-data backup and available time display functionality
14 7,171,185 Direct conversion receiver and DC offset reducing method
15 7,171,135 Multifunction apparatus having an energy saving mode and method thereof
16 7,171,094 Optical waveguide device, optical waveguide laser using the same and optical apparatus equipped with the same
17 7,170,970 Fluorescent X-ray analysis method and fluorescent X-ray analysis apparatus
18 7,170,848 Optical recording medium and recording method for the same
19 7,170,841 Information recording medium, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, recording method, and reproduction method
20 7,170,839 Optical recording medium and recording method for the same
21 7,170,729 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
22 7,170,718 Wiring body with flexure sheet connecting the head slider and the driving unit in a disk apparatus
23 7,170,717 Head suspension assembly and disk drive using the same
24 7,170,711 Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
25 7,170,710 Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
26 7,170,707 Systems and methods for reducing power dissipation in a disk drive including an adjustable output voltage regulator
27 7,170,664 Optical element, optical head, optical recording reproducing apparatus and optical recording/reproducing method
28 7,170,625 Printer system and printing data notification method
29 7,170,564 On-screen display device
30 7,170,560 Surveillance camera with impact absorbing structure
31 7,170,453 Antenna module including a plurality of chip antennas
32 7,170,422 Personal programmable universal remote control
33 7,170,398 Warning apparatus, warning server, warning system, and automobile
34 7,170,388 Thermostat
35 7,170,358 Voltage controlled oscillator, and PLL circuit and wireless communication apparatus using the same
36 7,170,221 Semiconductor light emitting element and light emitting device using this
37 7,170,215 Electronic component and method for manufacturing the same
38 7,170,189 Semiconductor wafer and testing method therefor
39 7,170,134 Semiconductor device
40 7,170,115 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of producing the same
41 7,170,110 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
42 7,170,108 Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for fabricating the same
43 7,169,869 Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
44 7,169,533 Optical information recording medium, method for manufacturing the same and recording/reproduction method
45 7,169,530 Polymer compound, resist material and pattern formation method
46 7,169,507 Manganese dry battery
47 7,169,455 Optical information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
48 7,168,321 Vibration-type piezoelectric acceleration sensor element and vibration-type piezoelectric acceleration sensor therewith
49 7,168,134 Opening and closing device