Matsushita patents granted on 30 May 2006

48 US patents granted on 30 May 2006 and assigned to Matsushita

1 RE39,111 Communication system
2 D522,035 Surveillance television camera
3 7,055,051 Clock switch device and microcontroller for selecting one of a plurality of clocks based on signal levels
4 7,054,989 Stream processor
5 7,054,888 Optimizing media player memory during rendering
6 7,054,825 Visiting plan generation method and system
7 7,054,808 Noise suppressing apparatus and noise suppressing method
8 7,054,655 Base station device, control station device, and transmission power control method
9 7,054,625 Wireless communication system, wireless microphone, and wireless microphone control method
10 7,054,608 Multilayer electronic component and communication apparatus and method
11 7,054,592 Transmission apparatus and reception apparatus
12 7,054,489 Apparatus and method for image recognition
13 7,054,459 Surrounding structure of a loudspeaker
14 7,054,400 Digital AV signal processing apparatus
15 7,054,395 Automatic gain control for digital demodulation apparatus
16 7,054,303 Information terminal and information terminal system
17 7,054,241 Optical disc apparatus
18 7,054,211 Semiconductor memory storage device capable of high operating speed
19 7,054,099 Methods and systems for moving a read/write head to a velocity and position where it is useful to switch from a deceleration phase to a settling phase of a seek operation
20 7,054,092 Methods for improving printed media self-servo writing
21 7,054,083 Systems for searching for SAM patterns at multiple nominal frequencies
22 7,054,055 Acousto optic element
23 7,054,028 Offline print method for printing image data in a removable storage medium based on output control data in the same medium
24 7,053,946 Video camera imager and imager IC capable of plural kinds of double-image processings
25 7,053,871 Display apparatus with gas discharge tube and method of driving gas discharge tube
26 7,053,726 Voltage control oscillator having modulation function
27 7,053,695 Current source circuit and amplifier using the same
28 7,053,693 Voltage generating circuit, voltage generating device and semiconductor device using the same, and driving method thereof
29 7,053,556 Magnetron with a specific dimension reducing unnecessary radiation
30 7,053,555 Arc tube, discharge lamp, and production method of such arc tube, which enables brighter illuminance
31 7,053,552 Plasma display panel having end portions of barrier ribs adjusted to avoid vertical swelling
32 7,053,507 Linear oscillating actuator system
33 7,053,495 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for fabricating the same
34 7,053,461 Semiconductor device
35 7,053,450 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
36 7,053,436 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
37 7,053,394 Recording device of master disk for information recording medium
38 7,053,351 Near-field scanning optical microscope for laser machining of micro- and nano- structures
39 7,053,320 Switch device
40 7,053,290 Music reproducing apparatus and music reproducing method
41 7,052,984 Bump formation method and bump forming apparatus for semiconductor wafer
42 7,052,803 Lithium rechargeable battery
43 7,052,790 Fuel cell system and operation method having a condensed water tank open to atmosphere
44 7,052,624 Manufacturing method for an electronic device, and the electronic device
45 7,052,377 Apparatus and method for feeding slurry
46 7,052,248 Closed compressor
47 7,051,924 Value holding system, value holding method, value holding program, and transaction system
48 7,051,431 Component mounting control method