Micron patent applications published on 05 July 2007

12 US patent applications published on 05 July 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 20070156944 Host memory interface for a parallel processor
2 20070156803 Overflow detection and clamping with parallel operand processing for fixed-point multipliers
3 20070155190 Systems and methods for forming metal oxide layers
4 20070155048 Methods for packaging microelectronic devices and microelectronic devices formed using such methods
5 20070154109 Method and apparatus for flare cancellation for image contrast restoration
6 20070153579 NAND memory device and programming methods
7 20070153566 Static random access memory cell
8 20070153304 Method and apparatus for gray value identification for white balance
9 20070153106 Method and apparatus providing color interpolation in color filter arrays using edge detection and correction terms
10 20070152649 Semiconductor temperature sensor with high sensitivity
11 20070152327 Super high density module with integrated wafer level packages
12 20070152259 Method of forming inside rough and outside smooth HSG electrodes and capacitor structure