Micron patent applications published on 09 August 2007

11 US patent applications published on 09 August 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 20070183227 Delay line circuit
2 20070183223 Memory block erasing in a flash memory device
3 20070183220 Erase operation in a flash memory device
4 20070183202 Memory array segmentation and methods
5 20070182845 Auto exposure for digital imagers
6 20070182603 Method and system for detecting a mode of operation of an integrated circuit, and a memory device including same
7 20070182469 Temperature compensation via power supply modification to produce a temperature-independent delay in an integrated circuit
8 20070181992 Microelectronic devices and methods for manufacturing microelectronic devices
9 20070181989 Microelectronic devices, stacked microelectronic devices, and methods for manufacturing such devices
11 20070181929 Semiconductor Constructions, Memory Cells, DRAM Arrays, Electronic Systems; Methods of Forming Semiconductor Constructions; and Methods of Forming DRAM Arrays