Micron patent applications published on 11 October 2007

16 US patent applications published on 11 October 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 20070239956 Asynchronously-accessible memory devices and access methods
2 20070238320 Devices and methods to improve carrier mobility
4 20070238297 Method of manufacture of constant groove depth pads
5 20070238295 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions
6 20070238287 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions, and methods of selectively removing metal-containing materials relative to oxide
7 20070238259 Methods of forming a plurality of capacitors
8 20070238035 Method and apparatus defining a color filter array for an image sensor
9 20070238034 Color filter array and imaging device containing such color filter array and method of fabrication
10 20070237888 Methods to make sidewall light shields for color filter array
11 20070237011 NAND string with a redundant memory cell
12 20070236990 Programming method to reduce word line to word line breakdown for NAND flash
13 20070235827 Method and apparatus providing isolation well for increasing shutter efficiency in global storage pixels
14 20070235783 Semiconductor constructions, memory arrays, electronic systems, and methods of forming semiconductor constructions
15 20070235631 Reducing noise in an imager
16 20070234949 Atomic layer deposited titanium-doped indium oxide films