Micron patent applications published on 18 October 2007

13 US patent applications published on 18 October 2007 and assigned to Micron

2 20070245071 Random access interface in a serial memory device
3 20070243692 Methods of filling isolation trenches for semiconductor devices and resulting structures
4 20070243682 Flash memory device having a graded composition, high dielectric constant gate insulator
5 20070242551 User selectable banks for DRAM
6 20070242515 Multiple select gate architecture with select gates of different lengths
7 20070242500 Method and apparatus providing high density data storage
8 20070242146 Apparatus and methods providing dynamic biasing of cascode transistors in class AB amplifiers
9 20070241395 High density memory array having increased channel widths
10 20070241378 Method for forming bit line contacts and bit lines during the formation of a semiconductor device, and devices and systems including the bit lines and bit line contacts
11 20070241369 Couplings within memory devices and methods
12 20070241258 Imaging device with reduced row readout time and method of operating the same
13 20070241078 Methods for releasably attaching support members to microfeature workpieces