Micron patents granted on 01 April 2014

22 US patents granted on 01 April 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 8,689,077 Memory controller method and system compensating for memory cell data losses
2 8,688,955 Line termination methods and apparatus
3 8,687,459 Synchronous command-based write recovery time auto-precharge control
4 8,687,435 System and method for reducing pin-count of memory devices, and memory device testers for same
5 8,687,434 Circuits, devices, systems, and methods of operation for capturing data signals
6 8,687,431 Programming methods and memories
7 8,687,430 Analog sensing of memory cells with a source follower driver in a semiconductor memory device
8 8,687,427 Programming rate identification and control in a solid state memory
9 8,687,426 Multi-semiconductor material vertical memory strings, strings of memory cells having individually biasable channel regions, memory arrays incorporating such strings, and methods of accesssing and forming the same
10 8,687,422 Method for operating a NAND flash memory device in multiple operational modes
11 8,687,419 Adjusting operational parameters for memory cells
12 8,686,535 Trench isolation implantation
13 8,686,494 Recessed channel negative differential resistance-based memory cell
14 8,686,489 Memory with metal-insulator-metal tunneling program and erase
15 8,686,487 Semiconductor devices and electronic systems comprising floating gate transistors
16 8,686,411 Methods of self-aligned growth of chalcogenide memory access device
17 8,686,394 Semiconductor constructions and memory arrays
18 8,686,313 System and methods for forming apertures in microfeature workpieces
19 8,685,859 Self-aligned semiconductor trench structures
20 8,685,815 Hafnium tantalum titanium oxide films
21 8,685,630 Methods of forming a pattern in a material and methods of forming openings in a material to be patterned
22 8,685,625 Photoresist processing methods