Micron patents granted on 01 June 2010

24 US patents granted on 01 June 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,730,372 Device and method for testing integrated circuit dice in an integrated circuit module
2 7,729,197 Memory device having a delay locked loop with frequency control
3 7,729,191 Memory device command decoding system and memory device and processor-based system using same
4 7,729,189 Switched capacitor DRAM sense amplifier with immunity to mismatch and offsets
5 7,729,182 Systems and methods for issuing address and data signals to a memory array
6 7,729,179 Random access memory employing read before write for resistance stabilization
7 7,729,171 Multiple select gate architecture with select gates of different lengths
8 7,729,167 Programming a memory with varying bits per cell
9 7,729,163 Phase change memory
10 7,728,896 Dual conversion gain gate and capacitor and HDR combination
11 7,728,639 Trimmable delay locked loop circuitry with improved initialization characteristics
12 7,728,626 Memory utilizing oxide nanolaminates
13 7,728,574 Reference circuit with start-up control, generator, device, system and method including same
14 7,728,443 Semiconductor components with through wire interconnects
15 7,728,350 Memory cell with negative differential resistance
16 7,727,910 Zirconium-doped zinc oxide structures and methods
17 7,727,908 Deposition of ZrA1ON films
18 7,727,905 Zirconium-doped tantalum oxide films
19 7,727,872 Methods for fabricating semiconductor components with conductive interconnects
20 7,727,868 Apparatus and method for controlling diffusion
21 7,727,858 Method for fabricating a chip scale package using wafer level processing
22 7,727,840 Forming integrated circuit devices
23 7,727,786 Photon-based memory device
24 7,727,785 Wafer back side coating to balance stress from passivation layer on front of wafer and be used as die attach adhesive