Micron patents granted on 01 March 2011

32 US patents granted on 01 March 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 7,900,162 Read strobe feedback in a memory system
2 7,900,120 Memory system and method using ECC with flag bit to identify modified data
3 7,900,099 Enabling test modes of individual integrated circuit devices out of a plurality of integrated circuit devices
4 7,899,653 Matrix modeling of parallel data structures to facilitate data encoding and/or jittery signal generation
5 7,898,901 Method for controlling clock cycle time for reduced power consumption in a semiconductor memory device
6 7,898,892 Method and system for controlling refresh to avoid memory cell data losses
7 7,898,885 Analog sensing of memory cells in a solid state memory device
8 7,898,863 Method, apparatus, and system for improved read operation in memory
9 7,898,861 Reducing effects of program disturb in a memory device
10 7,898,859 Use of emerging non-volatile memory elements with flash memory
11 7,898,857 Memory structure having volatile and non-volatile memory portions
12 7,898,856 Memory cell heights
13 7,898,850 Memory cells, electronic systems, methods of forming memory cells, and methods of programming memory cells
14 7,898,588 Dual conversion gain gate and capacitor and HDR combination
15 7,898,337 High slew rate amplifier, analog-to-digital converter using same, CMOS imager using the analog-to-digital converter and related methods
16 7,898,308 Apparatus and method for trimming static delay of a synchronizing circuit
17 7,898,294 Pre-driver logic
18 7,898,290 Method and apparatus for high resolution ZQ calibration
19 7,898,064 Methods for forming through wafer interconnects and structures resulting therefrom
20 7,898,062 Epitaxial semiconductor layer and method
21 7,898,022 Scalable multi-functional and multi-level nano-crystal non-volatile memory device
22 7,898,019 Semiconductor constructions having multiple patterned masking layers over NAND gate stacks
23 7,898,017 Floating-gate memory cell and memory device and electronic system therewith
24 7,898,010 Transparent conductor based pinned photodiode
25 7,897,953 Multi-level programmable PCRAM memory
26 7,897,751 Pharmaceutical preparation
27 7,897,517 Method of selectively depositing materials on a substrate using a supercritical fluid
28 7,897,485 Wafer processing including forming trench rows and columns at least one of which has a different width
29 7,897,470 Non-volatile memory cell device and methods
30 7,897,465 Semiconductor device having reduced sub-threshold leakage
31 7,897,460 Methods of forming recessed access devices associated with semiconductor constructions
32 7,896,545 Apparatus and methods for temperature calibration and sensing