Micron patents granted on 01 March 2016

21 US patents granted on 01 March 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,276,568 Reference voltage generator for single-ended communication systems
2 9,276,207 Method, system, and device for heating a phase change memory cell
3 9,276,134 Field effect transistor constructions and memory arrays
4 9,276,092 Transistors and methods of forming transistors
5 9,276,081 Methods of forming diodes
6 9,276,059 Semiconductor device structures including metal oxide structures
7 9,276,011 Cell pillar structures and integrated flows
8 9,276,000 Manufacturing process for zero-capacitor random access memory circuits
9 9,275,909 Methods of fabricating semiconductor structures
10 9,275,871 Nanostructures having low defect density and methods of forming thereof
11 9,275,730 Apparatuses and methods of reading memory cells based on response to a test pulse
12 9,275,728 Memory cells, non-volatile memory arrays, methods of operating memory cells, methods of writing to and writing from a memory cell, and methods of programming a memory cell
13 9,275,708 Row address decoding block for non-volatile memories and methods for decoding pre-decoded address information
14 9,275,701 Apparatuses and methods for performing logical operations using sensing circuitry
15 9,275,698 Memory system and method using stacked memory device dice, and system using the memory system
16 9,275,692 Memory, memory controllers, and methods for dynamically switching a data masking/data bus inversion input
17 9,275,290 Methods and systems for routing in a state machine
18 9,274,991 Memory hub architecture having programmable lane widths
19 9,274,973 Memory address translation
20 9,274,883 Apparatuses and methods for storing validity masks and operating apparatuses
21 9,274,272 Photonic device and methods of formation