Micron patents granted on 01 September 2015

17 US patents granted on 01 September 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 9,124,301 Error correction code for unidirectional memory
2 9,124,253 Methods and apparatuses for duty cycle preservation
3 9,124,174 DC-DC converter switching transistor current measurement technique
4 9,123,891 Diode for variable-resistance material memories, processes of forming same, and methods of using same
5 9,123,888 Memory cells and memory cell arrays
6 9,123,786 Interconnect line selectively isolated from an underlying contact plug
7 9,123,722 Semiconductor constructions and methods of forming interconnects
8 9,123,700 Integrated circuit constructions having through substrate vias and methods of forming integrated circuit constructions having through substrate vias
9 9,123,552 Apparatuses enabling concurrent communication between an interface die and a plurality of dice stacks, interleaved conductive paths in stacked devices, and methods for forming and operating the same
10 9,123,423 Programming operations in a memory device
11 9,123,415 Methods of operating a phase change memory cell
12 9,123,414 Memory systems and memory programming methods
13 9,123,409 Memory device for a hierarchical memory architecture
14 9,123,405 Multiple device apparatus, systems, and methods
15 9,122,420 Memory devices having special mode access
16 9,122,168 Lithography method and device
17 9,120,091 Nanoparticle positioning technique