Micron patents granted on 02 April 2013

22 US patents granted on 02 April 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,413,007 Memory system and method using ECC with flag bit to identify modified data
2 8,412,987 Non-volatile memory to store memory remap information
3 8,412,985 Hardwired remapped memory
4 8,412,880 Memory system controller to manage wear leveling across a plurality of storage nodes
5 8,411,524 Techniques for refreshing a semiconductor memory device
6 8,411,521 System and method for controlling timing of output signals
7 8,411,513 Techniques for providing a semiconductor memory device having hierarchical bit lines
8 8,411,511 Reading data from memory cells including storing charges to analog storage devices
9 8,411,508 Automatic selective slow program convergence
10 8,411,477 Arrays of vertically stacked tiers of non-volatile cross point memory cells, methods of forming arrays of vertically stacked tiers of non-volatile cross point memory cells, and methods of reading a data value stored by an array of vertically stacked tiers of non-volatile cross point memory cells
11 8,411,174 Shielding black reference pixels in image sensors
12 8,410,612 Interconnect regions
13 8,410,597 Three dimensional semiconductor device
14 8,410,515 Solid state lighting devices with point contacts and associated methods of manufacturing
15 8,409,960 Methods of patterning platinum-containing material
16 8,409,959 Vertically base-connected bipolar transistor
17 8,409,948 Methods of forming transistors, and methods of forming memory arrays
18 8,409,946 Methods of forming field effect transistors, pluralities of field effect transistors, and DRAM circuitry comprising a plurality of individual memory cells
19 8,409,933 Methods of forming conductive contacts to source/drain regions and methods of forming local interconnects
20 8,409,915 Methods of forming memory cells
21 8,409,457 Methods of forming a photoresist-comprising pattern on a substrate
22 8,409,449 Registered structure formation via the application of directed thermal energy to diblock copolymer films