Micron patents granted on 02 August 2011

30 US patents granted on 02 August 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 7,992,060 Apparatus, methods, and system of NAND defect management
2 7,991,947 Multi-priority encoder
3 7,991,098 Method and apparatus for training the reference voltage level and data sample timing in a receiver
4 7,990,802 Selective edge phase mixing
5 7,990,792 Hybrid sense amplifier and method, and memory device using same
6 7,990,775 Methods of operating memory devices including different sets of logical erase blocks
7 7,990,772 Memory device having improved programming operation
8 7,990,763 Memory with weighted multi-page read
9 7,990,427 Method and apparatus for applying tonal correction to images
10 7,990,391 Memory system having multiple address allocation formats and method for use thereof
11 7,990,163 Systems and methods for defect testing of externally accessible integrated circuit interconnects
12 7,989,957 Self-aligned, integrated circuit contact
13 7,989,870 Use of dilute steam ambient for improvement of flash devices
14 7,989,866 DRAM layout with vertical FETS and method of formation
15 7,989,864 Methods for enhancing capacitors having roughened features to increase charge-storage capacity
16 7,989,362 Hafnium lanthanide oxynitride films
17 7,989,360 Semiconductor processing methods, and methods for forming silicon dioxide
18 7,989,349 Methods of manufacturing nanotubes having controlled characteristics
19 7,989,345 Methods of forming blind wafer interconnects, and related structures and assemblies
20 7,989,340 Methods of forming CoSi.sub.2, methods of forming field effect transistors, and methods of forming conductive contacts
21 7,989,336 Methods of forming a plurality of conductive lines in the fabrication of integrated circuitry, methods of forming an array of conductive lines, and integrated circuitry
22 7,989,322 Methods of forming transistors
23 7,989,311 Strained semiconductor by full wafer bonding
24 7,989,307 Methods of forming isolated active areas, trenches, and conductive lines in semiconductor structures and semiconductor structures including the same
25 7,989,290 Methods for forming rhodium-based charge traps and apparatus including rhodium-based charge traps
26 7,989,288 Transistor constructions and processing methods
27 7,989,285 Method of forming a film containing dysprosium oxide and hafnium oxide using atomic layer deposition
28 7,989,251 Variable resistance memory device having reduced bottom contact area and method of forming the same
29 7,989,022 Methods of processing substrates, electrostatic carriers for retaining substrates for processing, and assemblies comprising electrostatic carriers having substrates electrostatically bonded thereto
30 7,988,529 Methods and tools for controlling the removal of material from microfeature workpieces