Micron patents granted on 02 August 2016

25 US patents granted on 02 August 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,407,039 Interconnection systems
2 9,406,881 Memory cells having a heater electrode formed between a first storage material and a second storage material and methods of forming the same
3 9,406,880 Resistive memory having confined filament formation
4 9,406,878 Resistive memory cells with two discrete layers of programmable material, methods of programming memory cells, and methods of forming memory cells
5 9,406,874 Magnetic memory cells and methods of formation
6 9,406,660 Stacked semiconductor die assemblies with die support members and associated systems and methods
7 9,406,623 Electromagnetic shield and associated methods
8 9,406,606 Semiconductor device having a reduced area and enhanced yield
9 9,406,404 Column redundancy system for a memory array
10 9,406,389 Electronically coupling a data line to a source for biasing regardless of states of memory cells coupled to the data line
11 9,406,388 Memory area protection system and methods
12 9,406,384 Matching semiconductor circuits
13 9,406,363 Memory apparatus and system with shared wordline decoder
14 9,406,362 Memory tile access and selection patterns
15 9,406,357 Data capture system and method, and memory controllers and devices
16 9,406,353 Sense amplifiers, memories, and apparatuses and methods for sensing a data state of a memory cell
17 9,405,874 Time-domain signal generation
18 9,405,859 Using do not care data with feature vectors
19 9,405,721 Apparatuses and methods for performing a databus inversion operation
20 9,405,679 Determining a location of a memory device in a solid state device
21 9,405,676 Devices and methods for operating a solid state drive
22 9,405,639 Systems and methods for retrieving data
23 9,405,622 Shaping codes for memory
24 9,405,475 Multi-interface memory with access control
25 9,405,355 Memory operation power management by data transfer time adjustment