Micron patents granted on 02 December 2008

30 US patents granted on 02 December 2008 and assigned to Micron

1 D581,926 Storage device
2 7,461,320 Memory system and method having selective ECC during low power refresh
3 7,461,306 Output data compression scheme using tri-state
4 7,461,286 System and method for using a learning sequence to establish communications on a high-speed nonsynchronous interface in the absence of clock forwarding
5 7,461,188 Capacitive multidrop bus compensation
6 7,461,139 Network computer providing mass storage, broadband access, and other enhanced functionality
7 7,460,432 Sequential access memory with system and method
8 7,460,430 Memory devices having reduced coupling noise between wordlines
9 7,460,429 Circuit and method for reducing power in a memory device during standby modes
10 7,460,398 Programming a memory with varying bits per cell
11 7,459,944 Low current wide VREF range input buffer
12 7,459,930 Digital calibration circuits, devices and systems including same, and methods of operation
13 7,459,923 Probe interposers and methods of fabricating probe interposers
14 7,459,797 Standoffs for centralizing internals in packaging process
15 7,459,778 Chip on board leadframe for semiconductor components having area array
16 7,459,773 Stackable ball grid array
17 7,459,764 Method of manufacture of a PCRAM memory cell
18 7,459,757 Transistor structures
19 7,459,746 Method of forming inside rough and outside smooth HSG electrodes and capacitor structure
20 7,459,742 Method of manufacturing sidewall spacers on a memory device, and device comprising same
21 7,459,740 Integrated DRAM-NVRAM multi-level memory
22 7,459,739 Double density MRAM with planar processing
23 7,459,668 Method, apparatus, and system to reduce ground resistance in a pixel array
24 7,459,638 Absorbing boundary for a multi-layer circuit board structure
25 7,459,393 Method for fabricating semiconductor components with thinned substrate, circuit side contacts, conductive vias and backside contacts
26 7,459,363 Line edge roughness reduction
27 7,459,362 Methods of forming DRAM arrays
28 7,459,346 Intrinsic thermal enhancement for FBGA package
29 7,459,336 Method of forming a chalcogenide material containing device
30 7,458,466 Stack processing tray for integrated circuit devices