Micron patents granted on 02 January 2007

30 US patents granted on 02 January 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 7,159,141 Repairable block redundancy scheme
2 7,159,092 Method and system for adjusting the timing offset between a clock signal and respective digital signals transmitted along with that clock signal, and memory device and computer system using same
3 7,158,443 Delay-lock loop and method adapting itself to operate over a wide frequency range
4 7,158,422 System and method for communicating information to a memory device using a reconfigured device pin
5 7,158,410 Integrated DRAM-NVRAM multi-level memory
6 7,158,401 Methods for machine detection of at least one aspect of an object, methods for machine identification of a person, and methods of forming electronic systems
7 7,158,399 Digital data apparatuses and digital data operational methods
8 7,158,031 Thin, flexible, RFID label and system for use
9 7,158,004 Integrated circuit inductors
10 7,157,783 Platinum stuffed with silicon oxide as a diffusion oxygen barrier for semiconductor devices
11 7,157,778 Semiconductor constructions
12 7,157,775 Semiconductor constructions
13 7,157,771 Vertical device 4F.sup.2 EEPROM memory
14 7,157,769 Flash memory having a high-permittivity tunnel dielectric
15 7,157,761 Capacitor with noble metal pattern
16 7,157,757 Semiconductor constructions
17 7,157,733 Floating-gate field-effect transistors having doped aluminum oxide dielectrics
18 7,157,683 Method, apparatus and system providing configurable current source device for image sensors
19 7,157,387 Techniques to create low K ILD for BEOL
20 7,157,385 Method of depositing a silicon dioxide-comprising layer in the fabrication of integrated circuitry
21 7,157,364 Method for forming metal contacts on a substrate
22 7,157,353 Method for fabricating encapsulated semiconductor components
23 7,157,324 Transistor structure having reduced transistor leakage attributes
24 7,157,310 Methods for packaging microfeature devices and microfeature devices formed by such methods
25 7,157,305 Forming multi-layer memory arrays
26 7,157,302 Imaging device and method of manufacture
27 7,156,727 Web-format polishing pads and methods for manufacturing and using web-format polishing pads in mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates
28 7,156,633 Apparatus for encapsulating a multi-chip substrate array
29 7,156,362 Method and apparatus for forming metal contacts on a substrate
30 7,156,361 Method and apparatus for forming metal contacts on a substrate