Micron patents granted on 02 November 2010

25 US patents granted on 02 November 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,827,226 Hybrid arithmetic logic unit
2 7,826,293 Devices and methods for a threshold voltage difference compensated sense amplifier
3 7,826,292 Precharge control circuits and methods for memory having buffered write commands
4 7,826,290 Apparatus and method for increasing data line noise tolerance
5 7,826,274 Non-volatile memory cell read failure reduction
6 7,826,265 Memory device with variable trim setting
7 7,826,033 Method to recover the exposure sensitivity of chemically amplified resins from post coat delay effect
8 7,825,973 Exposure control for image sensors
9 7,825,711 Clock jitter compensated clock circuits and methods for generating jitter compensated clock signals
10 7,825,700 Integrated circuit comparator or amplifier
11 7,825,462 Transistors
12 7,825,452 Memory cell with buried digit line
13 7,825,451 Array of capacitors with electrically insulative rings
14 7,825,450 Sacrificial self-aligned interconnect structures
15 7,825,443 Semiconductor constructions
16 7,825,414 Method of forming a thin film transistor
17 7,825,033 Methods of forming variable resistance memory cells, and methods of etching germanium, antimony, and tellurium-comprising materials
18 7,825,010 Die singulation methods
19 7,824,994 Method of forming memory devices by performing halogen ion implantation and diffusion processes
20 7,824,986 Methods of forming a plurality of transistor gates, and methods of forming a plurality of transistor gates having at least two different work functions
21 7,824,983 Methods of providing electrical isolation in semiconductor structures
22 7,824,982 DRAM arrays, vertical transistor structures, and methods of forming transistor structures and DRAM arrays
23 7,824,741 Method of forming a carbon-containing material
24 7,824,505 Method to address carbon incorporation in an interpoly oxide
25 7,823,440 Systems and methods for characterizing thickness and topography of microelectronic workpiece layers