Micron patents granted on 02 October 2007

64 US patents granted on 02 October 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 7,278,060 System and method for on-board diagnostics of memory modules
2 7,278,045 Apparatus and method for generating a delayed clock signal
3 7,278,038 Operational voltage control circuit and method
4 7,278,004 Burst write in a non-volatile memory device
5 7,277,996 Modified persistent auto precharge command protocol system and method for memory devices
6 7,277,981 Scratch control memory array in a flash memory device
7 7,277,980 Non-contiguous address erasable blocks and command in flash memory
8 7,277,978 Runtime flash device detection and configuration for flash data management software
9 7,277,965 Apparatus and methods for the automated creation of distributed configuration storage
10 7,277,357 Method and apparatus for reducing oscillation in synchronous circuits
11 7,277,355 Method and apparatus for generating temperature-compensated read and verify operations in flash memories
12 7,277,352 DRAM power bus control
13 7,277,349 Circuit and method for reading an antifuse
14 7,277,345 Method and system for controlling refresh to avoid memory cell data losses
15 7,277,333 Power savings in active standby mode
16 7,277,328 Methods for neutralizing holes in tunnel oxides in tunnel oxides of floating-gate memory cells and devices
17 7,277,327 Methods for erasing flash memory
18 7,277,326 Methods for erasing flash memory
19 7,277,321 Method for programming and erasing an NROM cell
20 7,277,313 Resistance variable memory element with threshold device and method of forming the same
21 7,277,311 Flash cell fuse circuit
22 7,277,310 Open digit line array architecture for a memory array
23 7,277,011 Removable memory media with integral indicator light
24 7,276,955 Circuit and method for stable fuse detection
25 7,276,951 Delay line circuit
26 7,276,949 Multiphase clock generation
27 7,276,947 Delay circuit with reset-based forward path static delay
28 7,276,946 Measure-controlled delay circuits with reduced phase error
29 7,276,945 Low power and low timing jitter phase-lock loop and method
30 7,276,928 System and method for testing devices utilizing capacitively coupled signaling
31 7,276,927 Device and method for isolating a short-circuited integrated circuit (IC) from other ICs on a semiconductor wafer
32 7,276,926 Method for isolating a short-circuited integrated circuit (IC) from other ICs on a semiconductor wafer
33 7,276,802 Semiconductor integrated circuit package having electrically disconnected solder balls for mounting
34 7,276,795 Small grain size, conformal aluminum interconnects and method for their formation
35 7,276,790 Methods of forming a multi-chip module having discrete spacers
36 7,276,788 Hydrophobic foamed insulators for high density circuits
37 7,276,765 Buried transistors for silicon on insulator technology
38 7,276,762 NROM flash memory devices on ultrathin silicon
39 7,276,760 Low power memory subsystem with progressive non-volatility
40 7,276,756 Memory cell arrays
41 7,276,754 Annular gate and technique for fabricating an annular gate
42 7,276,752 Methods of forming integrated circuits, and DRAM circuitry memory cells
43 7,276,733 Select lines for NAND memory devices
44 7,276,729 Electronic systems having doped aluminum oxide dielectrics
45 7,276,722 Non-volatile memory structure
46 7,276,672 Method for sorting integrated circuit devices
47 7,276,455 Methods of etching an aluminum oxide comprising substrate, and methods of forming a capacitor
48 7,276,449 Gas assisted method for applying resist stripper and gas-resist stripper combinations
49 7,276,448 Method for an integrated circuit contact
50 7,276,446 Planarizing solutions, planarizing machines and methods for mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
51 7,276,442 Method for forming a metallization layer
52 7,276,433 Methods of forming integrated circuitry, methods of forming memory circuitry, and methods of forming field effect transistors
53 7,276,426 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions
54 7,276,418 Memory cell and method for forming the same
55 7,276,416 Method of forming a vertical transistor
56 7,276,414 NAND memory arrays and methods
57 7,276,413 NROM flash memory devices on ultrathin silicon
58 7,276,409 Method of forming a capacitor
59 7,276,397 Integrated circuit package separator methods
60 7,276,393 Microelectronic imaging units and methods of manufacturing microelectronic imaging units
61 7,276,387 Castellation wafer level packaging of integrated circuit chips
62 7,276,315 Methods for generating or designing sidelobe inhibitors for radiation patterning tools
63 7,275,925 Apparatus for stereolithographic processing of components and assemblies
64 7,275,676 Apparatus for locating conductive spheres utilizing screen and hopper of solder balls