Micron patents granted on 03 April 2007

40 US patents granted on 03 April 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 RE39,547 Method and apparatus for endpointing mechanical and chemical-mechanical polishing of substrates
2 7,200,738 Reducing data hazards in pipelined processors to provide high processor utilization
3 7,200,736 Method and system for substantially registerless processing
4 7,200,693 Memory system and method having unidirectional data buses
5 7,200,063 Circuitry for a programmable element
6 7,200,062 Method and system for reducing the peak current in refreshing dynamic random access memory devices
7 7,200,053 Level shifter for low voltage operation
8 7,200,052 Apparatus and methods for regulated voltage
9 7,200,048 Flash memory
10 7,200,047 High voltage positive and negative two-phase discharge system and method for channel erase in flash memory devices
11 7,200,046 Low power NROM memory devices
12 7,200,041 Sensing scheme for low-voltage flash memory
13 7,200,035 Magneto-resistive memory cell structures with improved selectivity
14 7,200,024 System and method for optically interconnecting memory devices
15 7,200,022 Apparatus and method for mounting microelectronic devices on a mirrored board assembly
16 7,199,931 Gapless microlens array and method of fabrication
17 7,199,593 Apparatus and methods for measuring parasitic capacitance and inductance of I/O leads on an electrical component using a network analyzer
18 7,199,464 Semiconductor device structures including protective layers formed from healable materials
19 7,199,463 Method and structure for manufacturing improved yield semiconductor packaged devices
20 7,199,449 Wafer backside removal to complete through-holes and provide wafer singulation during the formation of a semiconductor device
21 7,199,447 Angled implant to improve high current operation of bipolar transistors
22 7,199,444 Memory device, programmable resistance memory cell and memory array
23 7,199,439 Microelectronic imagers and methods of packaging microelectronic imagers
24 7,199,422 Contactless uniform-tunneling separate P-well (CUSP) non-volatile memory array architecture, fabrication and operation
25 7,199,419 Memory structure for reduced floating body effect
26 7,199,417 Merged MOS-bipolar capacitor memory cell
27 7,199,415 Conductive container structures having a dielectric cap
28 7,199,413 Junction-isolated depletion mode ferroelectric memory devices and systems
29 7,199,405 Pixel cell with high storage capacitance for a CMOS imager
30 7,199,349 Amplification with feedback capacitance for photodetector signals
31 7,199,347 Layered microlens structures and devices
32 7,199,050 Pass through via technology for use during the manufacture of a semiconductor device
33 7,199,037 Microfeature devices and methods for manufacturing microfeature devices
34 7,199,023 Atomic layer deposited HfSiON dielectric films wherein each precursor is independendently pulsed
35 7,199,017 Methods of forming semiconductor circuitry
36 7,199,005 Methods of forming pluralities of capacitors
37 7,198,999 Flash memory device having a graded composition, high dielectric constant gate insulator
38 7,198,980 Methods for assembling multiple semiconductor devices
39 7,198,974 Micro-mechanically strained semiconductor film
40 7,198,693 Microelectronic device having a plurality of stacked dies and methods for manufacturing such microelectronic assemblies