Micron patents granted on 03 January 2006

30 US patents granted on 03 January 2006 and assigned to Micron

1 6,983,406 Method and system for partial-scan testing of integrated circuits
2 6,983,404 Method and apparatus for checking the resistance of programmable elements
3 6,983,372 BIOS lock CD-ROM encode/decode driver
4 6,983,360 Program loading mechanism through a single input data path
5 6,983,354 Memory device sequencer and method supporting multiple memory device clock speeds
6 6,982,921 Multiple configuration multiple chip memory device and method
7 6,982,920 Flash array implementation with local and global bit lines
8 6,982,905 Method and apparatus for reading NAND flash memory array
9 6,982,894 Three-dimensional magnetic memory array with a minimal number of access conductors therein and methods thereof
10 6,982,892 Apparatus and methods for a physical layout of simultaneously sub-accessible memory modules
11 6,982,869 Folded interposer
12 6,982,758 Flexy-power amplifier: a new amplifier with built-in power management
13 6,982,579 Digital frequency-multiplying DLLs
14 6,982,578 Digital delay-locked loop circuits with hierarchical delay adjustment
15 6,982,572 Digital logic devices with extremely skewed trip points and reset circuitry for rapidly propagating signal edges, circuits and systems including same
16 6,982,565 Test system and test method with interconnect having semiconductor spring contacts
17 6,982,564 Semiconductor test interconnect with variable flexure contacts
18 6,982,486 Cavity ball grid array apparatus having improved inductance characteristics and method of fabricating the same
19 6,982,457 Semiconductor devices, and electronic systems comprising semiconductor devices
20 6,982,450 Magnetoresistive memory devices
21 6,982,449 Junction-isolated depletion mode ferroelectric memory devices
22 6,982,386 Interconnecting substrates for electrical coupling of microelectronic components
23 6,982,228 Methods of etching a contact opening over a node location on a semiconductor substrate
24 6,982,207 Methods for filling high aspect ratio trenches in semiconductor layers
25 6,982,203 Method of fabricating integrated circuitry
26 6,982,191 Methods relating to forming interconnects and resulting assemblies
27 6,982,177 Method for in-line testing of flip-chip semiconductor assemblies
28 6,982,103 Chemical vapor deposition methods of forming barium strontium titanate comprising dielectric layers, including such layers having a varied concentration of barium and strontium within the layer
29 6,981,904 Anodically-bonded elements for flat panel displays
30 6,981,629 Apparatus of clamping semiconductor devices using sliding finger supports