Micron patents granted on 03 January 2017

12 US patents granted on 03 January 2017 and assigned to Micron

1 9,537,091 Structures for resistance random access memory and methods of forming the same
2 9,537,088 Magnetic tunnel junctions
3 9,536,971 Semiconductor device comprising a transistor gate having multiple vertically oriented sidewalls
4 9,536,940 Interfacial materials for use in semiconductor structures and related methods
5 9,536,823 Conductive structures, systems and devices including conductive structures and related methods
6 9,536,817 Electronic devices and methods of manufacturing electronic devices
7 9,536,618 Apparatuses and methods to control body potential in memory operations
8 9,536,603 Methods and apparatuses for determining threshold voltage shift
9 9,536,591 Staggered DLL clocking on N-Detect QED to minimize clock command and delay path
10 9,536,582 Enable/disable of memory chunks during memory access
11 9,535,876 Conditional operation in an internal processor of a memory device
12 9,535,861 Methods and systems for routing in a state machine