Micron patents granted on 03 July 2012

16 US patents granted on 03 July 2012 and assigned to Micron

1 8,214,672 Method and systems for power consumption management of a pattern-recognition processor
2 8,213,233 Reduction of quick charge loss effect in a memory device
3 8,213,226 Vertical transistor memory cell and array
4 8,213,225 Methods, devices, and systems relating to memory cells having a floating body
5 8,212,906 Skimmed charge capture and charge packet removal for increased effective pixel photosensor full well capacity
6 8,212,900 Method and apparatus providing color interpolation in color filter arrays using edge detection and correction terms
7 8,212,642 Transponder system
8 8,212,348 Techniques for packaging multiple device components
9 8,212,281 3-D and 3-D schottky diode for cross-point, variable-resistance material memories, processes of forming same, and methods of using same
10 8,212,200 Linear distributed pixel differential amplifier having mirrored inputs
11 8,211,803 Spacer process for on pitch contacts and related structures
12 8,211,787 Semiconductor processing methods
13 8,211,778 Forming isolation regions for integrated circuits
14 8,211,763 Methods of forming vertical field effect transistors, vertical field effect transistors, and DRAM cells
15 8,211,762 Non-volatile memory
16 8,211,743 Methods of forming non-volatile memory cells having multi-resistive state material between conductive electrodes