Micron patents granted on 03 June 2014

26 US patents granted on 03 June 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 8,745,545 Systems and methods for stochastic models of mask process variability
2 8,745,463 Error correcting codes for increased storage capacity in multilevel memory devices
3 8,745,355 Method for assigning addresses to memory devices
4 8,743,650 Block repair scheme
5 8,743,642 Data serializers, output buffers, memory devices and methods of serializing
6 8,743,640 Methods and systems for operating memory elements
7 8,743,628 Line driver circuits, methods, and apparatuses
8 8,743,623 Apparatus and methods of bit line setup
9 8,743,622 Memory devices and programming methods that program a memory cell with a data value, read the data value from the memory cell and reprogram the memory cell with the read data value
10 8,743,619 Methods of reading memory cells
11 8,743,598 Reversing a potential polarity for reading phase-change cells to shorten a recovery delay after programming
12 8,743,589 Arrays of vertically stacked tiers of non-volatile cross point memory cells and methods of reading a data value stored by an array of vertically stacked tiers of non-volatile cross point memory cells
13 8,743,555 Methods for suppressing power plane noise
14 8,743,208 Method and apparatus for image noise reduction using noise models
15 8,742,792 Switching circuits, latches and methods
16 8,742,572 Microelectronic devices and methods for manufacturing microelectronic devices
17 8,742,515 Memory device having a dielectric containing dysprosium doped hafnium oxide
18 8,742,483 DRAM arrays
19 8,742,481 Apparatuses and methods comprising a channel region having different minority carrier lifetimes
20 8,742,386 Oxide based memory with a controlled oxygen vacancy conduction path
21 8,741,781 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions
22 8,741,758 Cross-hair cell wordline formation
23 8,741,746 Silicon on germanium
24 8,741,728 Circuit, biasing scheme and fabrication method for diode accessed cross-point resistive memory array
25 8,741,688 Methods of forming a metal chalcogenide material
26 8,741,667 Method for fabricating a through wire interconnect (TWI) on a semiconductor substrate having a bonded connection and an encapsulating polymer layer