Micron patents granted on 03 May 2016

21 US patents granted on 03 May 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,331,989 Secure shared key sharing systems and methods
2 9,331,702 Apparatuses and methods for compensating for power supply sensitivities of a circuit in a clock path
3 9,331,699 Level shifters, memory systems, and level shifting methods
4 9,331,646 Input buffer apparatuses and methods
5 9,331,275 Switching device structures and methods
6 9,331,269 Spin transfer torque memory cells
7 9,331,252 Wavelength converters, including polarization-enhanced carrier capture converters, for solid state lighting devices, and associated systems and methods
8 9,331,236 Engineered substrates having epitaxial formation structures with enhanced shear strength and associated systems and methods
9 9,331,203 Devices with cavity-defined gates and methods of making the same
10 9,331,083 Techniques for providing a semiconductor memory device
11 9,330,975 Integrated circuit substrates comprising through-substrate vias and methods of forming through-substrate vias
12 9,330,934 Methods of forming patterns on substrates
13 9,330,932 Methods of fabricating features associated with semiconductor substrates
14 9,330,914 Methods of forming line patterns in substrates
15 9,330,794 DRAM-based anti-fuse cells
16 9,330,789 Short-checking methods
17 9,330,777 Memory program disturb reduction
18 9,330,756 Apparatuses and methods for sensing using an integration component
19 9,329,990 Host controlled enablement of automatic background operations in a memory device
20 9,329,623 Apparatuses, integrated circuits, and methods for synchronizing data signals with a command signal
21 9,329,336 Method of forming a hermetically sealed fiber to chip connection