Micron patents granted on 04 August 2015

15 US patents granted on 04 August 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 9,100,002 Apparatus and methods for leakage current reduction in integrated circuits
2 9,099,571 Packaged integrated circuit devices with through-body conductive vias, and methods of making same
3 9,099,539 Microfeature workpieces having interconnects and conductive backplanes, and associated systems and methods
4 9,099,472 Semiconductor constructions, methods of forming conductive structures and methods of forming DRAM cells
5 9,099,457 Semiconductor with through-substrate interconnect
6 9,099,442 Conductive interconnect structures incorporating negative thermal expansion materials and associated systems, devices, and methods
7 9,099,431 Polishing systems and methods for removing conductive material from microelectronic substrates
8 9,099,402 Integrated circuit structure having arrays of small, closely spaced features
9 9,099,314 Pitch multiplication spacers and methods of forming the same
10 9,099,309 Method providing an epitaxial growth having a reduction in defects and resulting structure
11 9,099,272 Field emission devices and methods for making the same
12 9,099,189 Methods and devices for memory reads with precharged data lines
13 9,099,174 Drift acceleration in resistance variable memory
14 9,098,440 Secure compact flash
15 9,096,730 Methods of utilizing block copolymer to form patterns