Micron patents granted on 04 December 2007

14 US patents granted on 04 December 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 7,305,514 Command sequence for optimized power consumption
2 7,304,638 Computer touch screen adapted to facilitate selection of features at edge of screen
3 7,304,516 Method and apparatus for digital phase generation for high frequency clock applications
4 7,304,491 Interconnect for testing semiconductor components
5 7,304,380 Integrated circuit cooling and insulating device and method
6 7,304,375 Castellation wafer level packaging of integrated circuit chips
7 7,304,368 Chalcogenide-based electrokinetic memory element and method of forming the same
8 7,304,353 Formation of standard voltage threshold and low voltage threshold MOSFET devices
9 7,303,991 Atomic layer deposition methods
10 7,303,939 Electro- and electroless plating of metal in the manufacture of PCRAM devices
11 7,303,938 Gated isolation structure for imagers
12 7,303,931 Microfeature workpieces having microlenses and methods of forming microlenses on microfeature workpieces
13 7,303,637 Method of cleaning semiconductor surfaces
14 7,303,471 Method and system for transferring data to an electronic toy or other electronic device