Micron patents granted on 04 November 2014

24 US patents granted on 04 November 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 8,880,979 Secondary memory to store a varying amount of overhead information
2 8,880,974 Memory system and method using ECC with flag bit to identify modified data
3 8,880,955 Apparatus and methods for providing data integrity
4 8,880,920 Systems, methods and devices for limiting current consumption by a different ramp rate upon power-up
5 8,880,833 System and method for read synchronization of memory modules
6 8,880,819 Memory apparatuses, computer systems and methods for ordering memory responses
7 8,880,778 Memory buffer having accessible information after a program-fail
8 8,879,654 Communication interface with configurable encoding based on channel termination
9 8,879,337 Dynamic burst length output control in a memory
10 8,879,329 Program verify operation in a memory device
11 8,879,327 Reference current sources
12 8,878,651 Food source information transferring system and method for a livestock slaughterhouse
13 8,878,586 Seamless coarse and fine delay structure for high performance DLL
14 8,878,450 Light emission systems having non-monochromatic emitters and associated systems and methods
15 8,878,276 Diode for variable-resistance material memories, processes of forming same, and methods of using same
16 8,878,274 Multi-resistive integrated circuit memory
17 8,878,271 Vertical access device and apparatuses having a body connection line, and related method of operating the same
18 8,878,205 Light emitting diode wafer-level package with self-aligning features
19 8,878,191 Fin field effect transistors including energy barriers
20 8,878,155 Resistance variable memory device with nanoparticle electrode and method of fabrication
21 8,877,639 Method and algorithm for random half pitched interconnect layout with constant spacing
22 8,877,628 Methods of forming nano-scale pores, nano-scale electrical contacts, and memory devices including nano-scale electrical contacts, and related structures and devices
23 8,877,624 Semiconductor structures
24 8,877,589 Methods of forming field effect transistors on substrates