Micron patents granted on 04 October 2011

20 US patents granted on 04 October 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 8,032,804 Systems and methods for monitoring a memory system
2 8,032,778 Clock distribution apparatus, systems, and methods
3 8,032,694 Direct logical block addressing flash memory mass storage architecture
4 8,032,350 Techniques for generating and simulating a simulatable vector having amplitude noise and/or timing jitter added thereto
5 8,031,529 Memory cell threshold voltage drift estimation methods and apparatus
6 8,031,518 Methods, structures, and devices for reducing operational energy in phase change memory
7 8,031,249 Missing pixel architecture
8 8,030,952 Power sink for IC temperature control
9 8,030,780 Semiconductor substrates with unitary vias and via terminals, and associated systems and methods
10 8,030,751 Board-on-chip type substrates with conductive traces in multiple planes and semiconductor device packages including such substrates
11 8,030,748 Microelectronic device packages, stacked microelectronic device packages, and methods for manufacturing microelectronic devices
12 8,030,636 Enhanced memory density resistance variable memory cells, arrays, devices and systems including the same, and methods of fabrication
13 8,030,218 Method for selectively modifying spacing between pitch multiplied structures
14 8,030,217 Simplified pitch doubling process flow
15 8,030,211 Methods for forming bit line contacts and bit lines during the formation of a semiconductor device
16 8,030,170 Methods of forming isolation structures, and methods of forming nonvolatile memory
17 8,030,168 Methods of forming DRAM memory cells
18 8,030,156 Methods of forming DRAM arrays
19 8,029,947 Systems and methods for implementing and manufacturing reticles for use in photolithography tools
20 8,029,858 Methods of forming material on a substrate, and a method of forming a field effect transistor gate oxide on a substrate