Micron patents granted on 05 August 2008

23 US patents granted on 05 August 2008 and assigned to Micron

1 7,409,529 Method and apparatus for a shift register based interconnection for a massively parallel processor array
2 7,409,493 Top/bottom symmetrical protection scheme for flash
3 7,408,828 System and method for reducing power consumption during extended refresh periods of dynamic random access memory devices
4 7,408,825 Apparatus and method for repairing a semiconductor memory
5 7,408,822 Alignment of memory read data and clocking
6 7,408,814 Method and apparatus for filtering output data
7 7,408,813 Block erase for volatile memory
8 7,408,810 Minimizing effects of program disturb in a memory device
9 7,408,808 User configurable commands for flash memory
10 7,408,807 NAND string wordline delay reduction
11 7,408,805 Reducing delays in word line selection
12 7,408,577 Biasing scheme for large format CMOS active pixel sensors
13 7,408,496 Method, apparatus and system sharing an operational amplifier between two stages of pipelined ADC and/or two channels of signal processing circuitry
14 7,408,394 Measure control delay and method having latching circuit integral with delay circuit
15 7,408,265 Use of a dual-tone resist to form photomasks including alignment mark protection, intermediate semiconductor device structures and bulk semiconductor device substrates
16 7,408,255 Assembly for stacked BGA packages
17 7,408,237 Photonic crystal-based lens elements for use in an image sensor
18 7,408,216 Device, system, and method for a trench capacitor having micro-roughened semiconductor surfaces
19 7,408,140 Pixel with spatially varying metal route positions
20 7,407,892 Deposition methods
21 7,407,885 Methods of forming electrically conductive plugs
22 7,407,830 CMOS image sensor and method of fabrication
23 7,407,337 Cam-locking positioning mechanism