Micron patents granted on 05 February 2008

26 US patents granted on 05 February 2008 and assigned to Micron

1 7,328,381 Testing system and method for memory modules having a memory hub architecture
2 7,328,379 Look-up table for use with redundant memory
3 7,327,629 Circuit and method for reading an antifuse
4 7,327,628 Circuit and method for reading an antifuse
5 7,327,618 Semiconductor memory with wordline timing
6 7,327,592 Self-identifying stacked die semiconductor components
7 7,327,393 CMOS image sensor with variable conversion gain
8 7,327,263 Communications system and method with A/D converter
9 7,327,173 Delay-locked loop having a pre-shift phase detector
10 7,327,034 Compositions for planarization of metal-containing surfaces using halogens and halide salts
11 7,327,016 High permeability composite films to reduce noise in high speed interconnects
12 7,326,984 MIS capacitor and method of formation
13 7,326,980 Devices with HfSiON dielectric films which are Hf-O rich
14 7,326,960 Semiconductor circuit constructions
15 7,326,950 Memory device with switching glass layer
16 7,326,904 In-pixel kTC noise suppression using circuit techniques
17 7,326,647 Dry etching process to form a conductive layer within an opening without use of a mask during the formation of a semiconductor device
18 7,326,611 DRAM arrays, vertical transistor structures and methods of forming transistor structures and DRAM arrays
19 7,326,607 Imager floating diffusion region and process for forming same
20 7,326,606 Semiconductor processing methods
21 7,326,597 Gettering using voids formed by surface transformation
22 7,326,591 Interconnecting substrates for microelectronic dies, methods for forming vias in such substrates, and methods for packaging microelectronic devices
23 7,326,503 Process for color filter array residual pigment removal
24 7,326,316 Electrical interconnect using locally conductive adhesive
25 7,326,105 Retaining rings, and associated planarizing apparatuses, and related methods for planarizing micro-device workpieces
26 7,326,066 Adapter for non-permanently connecting integrated circuit devices to multi-chip modules and method of using same