Micron patents granted on 05 February 2013

27 US patents granted on 05 February 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,370,709 Multiple-level memory cells and error detection
2 8,370,702 Error correcting codes for increased storage capacity in multilevel memory devices
3 8,370,645 Protection of security parameters in storage devices
4 8,370,415 Overflow detection and clamping with parallel operand processing for fixed-point multipliers
5 8,369,452 Majority detector apparatus, systems, and methods
6 8,369,178 System and method for managing self-refresh in a multi-rank memory
7 8,369,177 Techniques for reading from and/or writing to a semiconductor memory device
8 8,369,171 Reduced signal interface memory device, system, and method
9 8,369,168 Devices and system providing reduced quantity of interconnections
10 8,369,162 Input-output line sense amplifier having adjustable output drive capability
11 8,369,158 Erase operations and apparatus for a memory device
12 8,369,157 Methods for programming a memory device and memory devices
13 8,369,150 Relaxed metal pitch memory architectures
14 8,369,147 Non-volatile multilevel memory cell programming
15 8,369,139 Non-volatile memory with resistive access component
16 8,368,792 Imager methods, apparatuses, and systems providing a skip mode with a wide dynamic range operation
17 8,368,448 Delay lines, methods for delaying a signal, and delay lock loops
18 8,368,139 Semiconductor device comprising transistor structures and methods for forming same
19 8,368,133 Memory constructions comprising magnetic materials
20 8,367,538 Partitioned through-layer via and associated systems and methods
21 8,367,506 High-k dielectrics with gold nano-particles
22 8,367,505 Memory in logic cell
23 8,367,482 Methods for fabricating contacts of semiconductor device structures and methods for designing semiconductor device structures
24 8,367,471 Semiconductor assemblies, stacked semiconductor devices, and methods of manufacturing semiconductor assemblies and stacked semiconductor devices
25 8,367,460 Horizontally oriented and vertically stacked memory cells
26 8,367,303 Semiconductor device fabrication and dry develop process suitable for critical dimension tunability and profile control
27 8,366,852 Method of forming temporary carrier structure and associated release techniques