Micron patents granted on 05 July 2011

11 US patents granted on 05 July 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 7,975,083 Alignment of instructions and replies across multiple devices in a cascaded system, using buffers of programmable depths
2 7,974,146 Wordline temperature compensation
3 7,974,129 Method and apparatus for programming flash memory
4 7,973,577 Control of a variable delay line using line entry point to modify line power supply voltage
5 7,973,411 Microfeature workpieces having conductive interconnect structures formed by chemically reactive processes, and associated systems and methods
6 7,973,388 Semiconductor structures including square cuts in single crystal silicon
7 7,973,370 Fully depleted silicon-on-insulator CMOS logic
8 7,972,974 Gallium lanthanide oxide films
9 7,972,940 Wafer processing
10 7,972,926 Methods of forming memory cells; and methods of forming vertical structures
11 7,972,753 Masks for microlithography and methods of making and using such masks