Micron patents granted on 05 June 2012

24 US patents granted on 05 June 2012 and assigned to Micron

1 8,195,920 Active memory command engine and method
2 8,195,899 Memory cell operation
3 8,195,020 Resonator for thermo optic device
4 8,194,487 Refreshing data of memory cells with electrically floating body transistors
5 8,194,477 Subtraction circuits and digital-to-analog converters for semiconductor devices
6 8,194,475 Capacitive divider sensing of memory cells
7 8,194,474 Data bus power-reduced semiconductor storage apparatus
8 8,194,466 Charge pump operation in a non-volatile memory device
9 8,194,460 Charge loss compensation during programming of a memory device
10 8,194,459 Random telegraph signal noise reduction scheme for semiconductor memories
11 8,194,458 Programming and/or erasing a memory device in response to its program and/or erase history
12 8,194,450 Methods and control circuitry for programming memory cells
13 8,194,446 Methods for programming a memory device and memory devices using inhibit voltages that are less than a supply voltage
14 8,194,441 Phase change memory state determination using threshold edge detection
15 8,193,849 Generating a full rail signal
16 8,193,646 Semiconductor component having through wire interconnect (TWI) with compressed wire
17 8,193,607 Memory cell having GeN-containing material and variable resistance material embedded within insulating material
18 8,193,590 Interconnecting bit lines in memory devices for multiplexing
19 8,193,568 Nanocrystal based universal memory cells, and memory cells
20 8,193,521 Resistive memory cell fabrication methods and devices
21 8,193,092 Semiconductor devices including a through-substrate conductive member with an exposed end and methods of manufacturing such semiconductor devices
22 8,192,903 Photomasks
23 8,192,555 Non-chemical, non-optical edge bead removal process
24 8,192,257 Method of manufacture of constant groove depth pads