Micron patents granted on 05 November 2013

15 US patents granted on 05 November 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,578,331 Command line output redirection
2 8,578,244 Programming error correction code into a solid state memory device with varying bits per cell
3 8,578,208 Determining location of error detection data
4 8,578,115 Temporary mirroring, logical segregation, and redundant programming or addressing for solid state drive operation
5 8,578,095 Hierarchical memory architecture using a concentrator device
6 8,578,070 Host controller
7 8,576,646 Control voltage tracking circuits, methods for recording a control voltage for a clock synchronization circuit and methods for setting a voltage controlled delay
8 8,576,632 Methods, devices, and systems for dealing with threshold voltage change in memory devices
9 8,576,631 Techniques for sensing a semiconductor memory device
10 8,576,627 Memory array with inverted data-lines pairs
11 8,575,958 Programmable on-chip logic analyzer apparatus, systems, and methods
12 8,575,716 Integrated circuit devices and methods of forming memory array and peripheral circuitry isolation
13 8,575,040 Low temperature process for polysilazane oxidation/densification
14 8,575,032 Methods of forming a pattern on a substrate
15 8,574,954 Phase change memory structures and methods