Micron patents granted on 06 August 2013

26 US patents granted on 06 August 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,504,893 Error detection or correction of a portion of a codeword in a memory device
2 8,504,782 Buffer control system and method for a memory system having outstanding read and write request buffers
3 8,504,759 Method and devices for controlling power loss
4 8,504,334 Simulating the transmission and simultaneous switching output noise of signals in a computer system
5 8,503,258 Stacked device remapping and repair
6 8,503,249 Semiconductor memory column decoder device and method
7 8,503,242 Methods and devices for determining sensing voltages
8 8,503,228 Data cells with drivers and methods of making and operating the same
9 8,503,227 Transient heat assisted STTRAM cell for lower programming current
10 8,503,156 Methods of processing semiconductor substrates, electrostatic carriers for retaining substrates for processing, and assemblies comprising electrostatic carriers having substrates electrostatically bonded thereto
11 8,502,898 Method, apparatus, and system providing a rectilinear pixel grid with radially scaled pixels
12 8,502,579 Delay lines, methods for delaying a signal, and delay lock loops
13 8,502,353 Through-wafer interconnects for photoimager and memory wafers
14 8,502,291 Memory cells, memory cell constructions, and memory cell programming methods
15 8,502,280 Fin-JFET
16 8,502,244 Solid state lighting devices with current routing and associated methods of manufacturing
17 8,502,182 Memory device having self-aligned cell structure
18 8,501,602 Method of manufacturing devices having vertical junction edge
19 8,501,581 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions
20 8,501,563 Devices with nanocrystals and methods of formation
21 8,501,559 Semiconductor cells, arrays, devices and systems having a buried conductive line and methods for forming the same
22 8,501,546 Stacked microelectronic devices and methods for manufacturing stacked microelectronic devices
23 8,501,523 Depositing titanium silicon nitride films for forming phase change memories
24 8,501,509 Multi-dimensional solid state lighting device array system and associated methods and structures
25 8,501,268 Methods of forming material over a substrate and methods of forming capacitors
26 8,500,913 Methods for treating surfaces, and methods for removing one or more materials from surfaces