Micron patents granted on 06 December 2011

25 US patents granted on 06 December 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 8,074,159 Method and apparatus for detecting communication errors on a bus
2 8,074,122 Program failure recovery
3 8,073,986 Memory devices configured to identify an operating mode
4 8,073,890 Continuous high-frequency event filter
5 8,072,838 Control voltage tracking circuits, methods for recording a control voltage for a clock synchronization circuit and methods for setting a voltage controlled delay
6 8,072,836 Systems, methods and devices for arbitrating die stack position in a multi-die stack device
7 8,072,820 System and method for reducing pin-count of memory devices, and memory device testers for same
8 8,072,816 Memory block reallocation in a flash memory device
9 8,072,814 NAND with back biased operation
10 8,072,812 Sensing of memory cells in NAND flash
11 8,072,523 Redundancy in column parallel or row architectures
12 8,072,520 Dual pinned diode pixel with shutter
13 8,072,504 Method and system for aiding user alignment for capturing partially overlapping digital images
14 8,072,249 Clock jitter compensated clock circuits and methods for generating jitter compensated clock signals
15 8,072,082 Pre-encapsulated cavity interposer
16 8,072,055 High density stacked die assemblies, structures incorporated therein and methods of fabricating the assemblies
17 8,072,054 Lead frame
18 8,072,037 Method and system for electrically coupling a chip to chip package
19 8,071,480 Method and apparatuses for removing polysilicon from semiconductor workpieces
20 8,071,476 Cobalt titanium oxide dielectric films
21 8,071,467 Methods of forming patterns, and methods of forming integrated circuits
22 8,071,443 Method of forming lutetium and lanthanum dielectric structures
23 8,071,441 Methods of forming DRAM arrays
24 8,071,416 Method of forming a uniform color filter array
25 8,071,262 Reticles with subdivided blocking regions