Micron patents granted on 07 April 2009

18 US patents granted on 07 April 2009 and assigned to Micron

1 7,516,363 System and method for on-board diagnostics of memory modules
2 7,516,300 Active memory processing array topography and method
3 7,516,281 On-die termination snooping for 2T applications in a memory system implementing non-self-terminating ODT schemes
4 7,516,271 Obtaining search results based on match signals and search width
5 7,515,501 Memory architecture having local column select lines
6 7,515,485 External clock tracking pipelined latch scheme
7 7,515,481 Memory block erasing in a flash memory device
8 7,515,188 Method and system for reducing mismatch between reference and intensity paths in analog to digital converters in CMOS active pixel sensors
9 7,514,991 High accuracy current mode duty cycle and phase placement sampling circuit
10 7,514,982 Methods, devices and systems for sensing the state of fuse devices
11 7,514,979 De-emphasis system and method for coupling digital signals through capacitively loaded lines
12 7,514,954 Method and apparatus for output driver calibration
13 7,514,945 Systems configured for utilizing semiconductor components
14 7,514,776 Semiconductor/printed circuit board assembly, and computer system
15 7,514,366 Methods for forming shallow trench isolation
16 7,514,324 Selective epitaxy in vertical integrated circuit
17 7,514,291 Methods relating to singulating semiconductor wafers and wafer scale assemblies
18 7,513,182 Integrated circuit package separators