Micron patents granted on 07 April 2015

19 US patents granted on 07 April 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 RE45,457 Memory reuse for multiple endpoints in USB device
2 9,003,177 Data security for digital data storage
3 9,001,594 Apparatuses and methods for adjusting a path delay of a command path
4 9,001,584 Sub-block decoding in 3D memory
5 9,001,577 Memory cell sensing
6 9,001,575 Encoding program bits to decouple adjacent wordlines in a memory device
7 9,001,573 Method and apparatuses for programming memory cells
8 9,001,561 Performing forming processes on resistive memory
9 9,001,548 Memory device interface methods, apparatus, and systems
10 9,000,893 Food source information transferring system and method for a meat-packing facility
11 9,000,836 Voltage generator circuit
12 9,000,817 Apparatuses and methods for altering a forward path delay of a signal path
13 9,000,502 Select devices including a semiconductive stack having a semiconductive material
14 9,000,456 Solid state lighting devices with accessible electrodes and methods of manufacturing
15 8,999,852 Substrate mask patterns, methods of forming a structure on a substrate, methods of forming a square lattice pattern from an oblique lattice pattern, and methods of forming a pattern on a substrate
16 8,999,844 Apparatuses including stair-step structures and methods of forming the same
17 8,999,763 Package including an interposer having at least one topological feature
18 8,999,498 Methods and systems for releasably attaching support members to microfeature workpieces
19 8,999,492 Method to produce nanometer-sized features with directed assembly of block copolymers