Micron patents granted on 07 August 2007

37 US patents granted on 07 August 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 7,254,756 Data compression read mode for memory testing
2 7,254,753 Circuit and method for configuring CAM array margin test and operation
3 7,254,331 System and method for multiple bit optical data transmission in memory systems
4 7,254,281 Method and apparatus for electronic image processing
5 7,254,074 Open digit line array architecture for a memory array
6 7,254,067 Memory device and method having low-power, high write latency mode and high-power, low write latency mode and/or independently selectable write latency
7 7,254,049 Method of comparison between cache and data register for non-volatile memory
8 7,253,957 Integrated optics units and methods of manufacturing integrated optics units for use with microelectronic imagers
9 7,253,737 Automated antenna trim for transmitting and receiving semiconductor devices
10 7,253,715 Secure cargo transportation system
11 7,253,672 System and method for reduced power open-loop synthesis of output clock signals having a selected phase relative to an input clock signal
12 7,253,668 Delay-locked loop with feedback compensation
13 7,253,655 Output driver robust to data dependent noise
14 7,253,608 Planarity diagnostic system, e.g., for microelectronic component test systems
15 7,253,521 Methods for making integrated-circuit wiring from copper, silver, gold, and other metals
16 7,253,493 High density access transistor having increased channel width and methods of fabricating such devices
17 7,253,469 Flash memory device having a graded composition, high dielectric constant gate insulator
18 7,253,464 Junction-isolated depletion mode ferroelectric memory devices and systems
19 7,253,430 Controllable ovonic phase-change semiconductor memory device
20 7,253,428 Apparatus and method for feature edge detection in semiconductor processing
21 7,253,397 Packaged microelectronic imagers and methods of packaging microelectronic imagers
22 7,253,392 Image sensor with photo diode gate
23 7,253,390 Methods for packaging microelectronic imagers
24 7,253,122 Systems and methods for forming metal oxides using metal diketonates and/or ketoimines
25 7,253,118 Pitch reduced patterns relative to photolithography features
26 7,253,117 Methods for use of pulsed voltage in a plasma reactor
27 7,253,104 Methods of forming particle-containing materials
28 7,253,102 Methods for forming and integrated circuit structures containing enhanced-surface-area conductive layers
29 7,253,089 Microfeature devices and methods for manufacturing microfeature devices
30 7,253,085 Deposition methods
31 7,253,076 Methods for forming and integrated circuit structures containing ruthenium and tungsten containing layers
32 7,253,064 Cascode I/O driver with improved ESD operation
33 7,253,053 Methods of forming transistor devices and capacitor constructions
34 7,253,052 Method for forming a storage cell capacitor compatible with high dielectric constant materials
35 7,253,047 Semiconductor processing methods of forming transistors, semiconductor processing methods of forming dynamic random access memory circuitry, and related integrated circuitry
36 7,253,025 Multiple substrate microelectronic devices and methods of manufacture
37 7,253,022 Method for fabricating semiconductor package with multi-layer metal bumps