Micron patents granted on 07 August 2012

23 US patents granted on 07 August 2012 and assigned to Micron

1 8,239,725 Data storage with an outer block code and a stream-based inner code
2 8,239,636 Bit inversion in memory devices
3 8,239,629 Hierarchical memory architecture to connect mass storage devices
4 8,239,614 Memory super block allocation
5 8,239,607 System and method for an asynchronous data buffer having buffer write and read pointers
6 8,239,432 Incorporating noise and/or jitter into waveform generation
7 8,238,244 Packet deconstruction/reconstruction and link-control
8 8,238,176 I/O circuit with phase mixer for slew rate control
9 8,238,171 Apparatus and methods for a physical layout of simultaneously sub-accessible memory modules
10 8,238,170 Non-volatile memory cell healing
11 8,238,167 Memory voltage cycle adjustment
12 8,238,165 Word line drivers in non-volatile memory device and method having a shared power bank and processor-based systems using same
13 8,238,155 Multilevel memory cell operation
14 8,238,151 Transient heat assisted STTRAM cell for lower programming current
15 8,237,474 Delay line off-state control with power reduction
16 8,237,290 Assemblies and multi-chip modules including stacked semiconductor dice having centrally located, wire bonded bond pads
17 8,237,254 Distributed semiconductor device methods, apparatus, and systems
18 8,237,216 Apparatus having a lanthanum-metal oxide semiconductor device
19 8,237,213 Memory arrays having substantially vertical, adjacent semiconductor structures and the formation thereof
20 8,236,899 Zwitterionic block copolymers and methods
21 8,236,691 Method of high aspect ratio plug fill
22 8,236,372 Methods of forming capacitors having dielectric regions that include multiple metal oxide-comprising materials
23 8,234,782 Methods of fabricating microelectronic devices