Micron patents granted on 07 December 2010

17 US patents granted on 07 December 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,849,276 Host memory interface for a parallel processor
2 7,848,569 Method and apparatus providing automatic color balancing for digital imaging systems
3 7,848,457 Constant delay zero standby differential logic receiver and method
4 7,848,158 Methods and apparatuses for programming flash memory using modulated pulses
5 7,848,142 Fractional bits in memory cells
6 7,847,626 Structure and method for coupling signals to and/or from stacked semiconductor dies
7 7,847,366 Well for CMOS imager
8 7,847,344 Memory utilizing oxide-nitride nanolaminates
9 7,847,282 Vertical tunneling transistor
10 7,846,851 Method and apparatus for a two-step resist soft bake to prevent ILD outgassing during semiconductor processing
11 7,846,812 Methods of forming trench isolation and methods of forming floating gate transistors
12 7,846,798 Methods of forming vertical transistor structures
13 7,846,776 Methods for releasably attaching sacrificial support members to microfeature workpieces and microfeature devices formed using such methods
14 7,846,768 Stacked die package for peripheral and center device pad layout device
15 7,846,623 Resist pattern and reflow technology
16 7,846,288 Methods and systems for removing protective films from microfeature workpieces
17 7,845,540 Systems and methods for depositing conductive material into openings in microfeature workpieces