Micron patents granted on 07 February 2017

10 US patents granted on 07 February 2017 and assigned to Micron

1 9,564,878 Apparatuses including scalable drivers and methods
2 9,564,576 Multi-bit ferroelectric memory device and methods of forming the same
3 9,564,471 Stack of horizontally extending and vertically overlapping features, methods of forming circuitry components, and methods of forming an array of memory cells
4 9,564,442 Methods of forming contacts for a semiconductor device structure, and related methods of forming a semiconductor device structure
5 9,564,418 Interconnect structures with intermetallic palladium joints and associated systems and methods
6 9,564,227 Memory device having a different source line coupled to each of a plurality of layers of memory cell arrays
7 9,564,222 Command signal management in integrated circuit devices
8 9,563,565 Apparatuses and methods for providing data from a buffer
9 9,563,554 Persistent content in nonvolatile memory
10 9,563,501 Preserving data integrity in a memory system