Micron patents granted on 07 June 2016

20 US patents granted on 07 June 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 D758,596 Flexible circuit for an implantable neural stimulator
2 9,362,911 Apparatus and methods for leakage current reduction in integrated circuits
3 9,362,908 Semiconductor apparatus including output buffer
4 9,362,495 Confined resistance variable memory cells and methods
5 9,362,494 Array of cross point memory cells and methods of forming an array of cross point memory cells
6 9,362,418 Semiconductor structures including bodies of semiconductor material and methods of forming same
7 9,362,300 Apparatuses and methods for forming multiple decks of memory cells
8 9,362,260 Stacked packaged integrated circuit devices, and methods of making same
9 9,362,259 Discontinuous patterned bonds for semiconductor devices and associated systems and methods
10 9,362,208 Packaged semiconductor components having substantially rigid support members and methods of packaging semiconductor components
11 9,362,194 Semiconductor chip covered with sealing resin having a filler material
12 9,362,143 Methods for forming semiconductor device packages with photoimageable dielectric adhesive material, and related semiconductor device packages
13 9,362,141 Microelectronic devices, stacked microelectronic devices, and methods for manufacturing such devices
14 9,361,996 Inferring threshold voltage distributions associated with memory cells via interpolation
15 9,361,981 Methods of forming and programming memory devices with isolation structures
16 9,361,979 Apparatuses including cross point memory arrays and biasing schemes
17 9,361,966 Thyristors
18 9,361,181 Error protection for memory devices
19 9,360,627 Method and apparatus providing compensation for wavelength drift in photonic structures
20 9,358,753 Substrates and methods of forming a pattern on a substrate