Micron patents granted on 07 March 2006

33 US patents granted on 07 March 2006 and assigned to Micron

1 7,010,644 Software refreshed memory device and method
2 7,010,643 Status register to improve initialization of a synchronous memory
3 7,010,451 Dynamic creation and modification of wafer test maps during wafer testing
4 7,010,116 Method of programming telephone numbers and identifiers in a telephone
5 7,009,911 Memory array decoder
6 7,009,901 System and method for sensing data stored in a resistive memory element using one bit of a digital count
7 7,009,885 Circuit and method for reducing leakage current in a row driver circuit in a flash memory during a standby mode of operation
8 7,009,874 Low remanence flux concentrator for MRAM devices
9 7,009,863 Memory module with integrated bus termination
10 7,009,646 Three-sided buttable CMOS image sensor
11 7,009,434 Generating multi-phase clock signals using hierarchical delays
12 7,009,407 Delay lock circuit having self-calibrating loop
13 7,009,374 Low resistance bandgap reference circuit with resistive T-network
14 7,009,298 Low-resistance contact to silicon having a titanium silicide interface and an amorphous titanium carbonitride barrier layer
15 7,009,264 Selective spacer to prevent metal oxide formation during polycide reoxidation
16 7,009,250 FinFET device with reduced DIBL
17 7,009,241 Metal-poly integrated capacitor structure
18 7,009,240 Structures and methods for enhancing capacitors in integrated circuits
19 7,009,232 Semiconductor memory circuitry including die sites sized for 256M to 275M memory cells in an 8-inch wafer
20 7,009,227 Photodiode structure and image pixel structure
21 7,009,188 Lift-out probe having an extension tip, methods of making and using, and analytical instruments employing same
22 7,008,885 Chemical treatment of semiconductor substrates
23 7,008,854 Silicon oxycarbide substrates for bonded silicon on insulator
24 7,008,845 Method and composite for decreasing charge leakage
25 7,008,843 Methods of forming memory circuitry
26 7,008,824 Method of fabricating mounted multiple semiconductor dies in a package
27 7,008,823 Die stacking scheme
28 7,008,822 Method for fabricating semiconductor component having stacked, encapsulated dice
29 7,008,816 Imager photo diode capacitor structure with reduced process variation sensitivity
30 7,008,738 Microlithographic structures and method of fabrication
31 7,008,487 Method and system for removal of contaminates from phaseshift photomasks
32 7,008,299 Apparatus and method for mechanical and/or chemical-mechanical planarization of micro-device workpieces
33 7,007,375 Method for fabricating a semiconductor component