Micron patents granted on 07 May 2013

23 US patents granted on 07 May 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,438,345 Multi-priority encoder
2 8,438,329 System and method for optimizing interconnections of components in a multichip memory module
3 8,437,726 High speed, wide frequency-range, digital phase mixer and methods of operation
4 8,437,428 Digital frequency locked delay line
5 8,437,217 Storing operational information in an array of memory cells
6 8,437,208 Redundant memory array for replacing memory sections of main memory
7 8,437,202 I/O circuit with phase mixer for slew rate control
8 8,437,198 Method for discharging a voltage from a capacitance in a memory device
9 8,437,195 Power-off apparatus, systems, and methods
10 8,437,186 Non-volatile memory with both single and multiple level cells
11 8,437,174 Memcapacitor devices, field effect transistor devices, non-volatile memory arrays, and methods of programming
12 8,437,163 Memory dies, stacked memories, memory devices and methods
13 8,436,670 Power supply induced signal jitter compensation
14 8,436,653 Low power multi-level signaling
15 8,436,478 Methods of fluxless micro-piercing of solder balls, and resulting devices
16 8,436,386 Solid state lighting devices having side reflectivity and associated methods of manufacture
17 8,436,362 Solid state lighting devices with selected thermal expansion and/or surface characteristics, and associated methods
18 8,435,904 Methods of uniformly removing silicon oxide and an intermediate semiconductor device
19 8,435,889 Methods of forming CoSi.sub.2, methods of forming field effect transistors, and methods of forming conductive contacts
20 8,435,886 Method and system for binding halide-based contaminants
21 8,435,859 Methods of forming electrical contacts
22 8,435,850 Localized compressive strained semiconductor
23 8,435,836 Interconnect structures for stacked dies, including penetrating structures for through-silicon vias, and associated systems and methods