Micron patents granted on 07 October 2014

23 US patents granted on 07 October 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 8,856,551 BIOS lock encode/decode driver
2 8,856,493 System of rotating data in a plurality of processing elements
3 8,856,487 Configurable partitions for non-volatile memory
4 8,856,482 Systems, devices, memory controllers, and methods for memory initialization
5 8,854,899 Methods for sensing memory elements in semiconductor devices
6 8,854,898 Apparatuses and methods for comparing a current representative of a number of failing memory cells
7 8,854,892 Lifetime markers for memory devices
8 8,854,885 Apparatus and method for reduced peak power consumption during common operation of multi-nand flash memory devices
9 8,854,863 Arrays of nonvolatile memory cells and methods of forming arrays of nonvolatile memory cells
10 8,854,861 Mixed mode programming for phase change memory
11 8,854,852 Multi-priority encoder
12 8,854,236 Methods and apparatuses for low-power multi-level encoded signals
13 8,853,868 Semiconductor structures including sub-resolution alignment marks
14 8,853,833 Electromagnetic shield and associated methods
15 8,853,778 Devices for shielding a signal line over an active region
16 8,853,769 Transistors and semiconductor constructions
17 8,853,713 Resistive memory having confined filament formation
18 8,853,682 Methods of self-aligned growth of chalcogenide memory access device
19 8,853,665 Semiconductor constructions, memory cells, memory arrays and methods of forming memory cells
20 8,853,311 Block copolymer-comprising compositions and methods of purifying PS-b-PXVP
21 8,853,072 Methods of forming through-substrate interconnects
22 8,853,050 Methods of forming capacitors
23 8,852,851 Pitch reduction technology using alternating spacer depositions during the formation of a semiconductor device and systems including same