Micron patents granted on 08 April 2014

20 US patents granted on 08 April 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 8,694,867 Multilevel encoding with error correction
2 8,694,861 Memory device repair apparatus, systems, and methods
3 8,694,860 System and method for data read of a synchronous serial interface NAND
4 8,694,737 Persistent memory for processor main memory
5 8,694,735 Apparatus and method for data bypass for a bi-directional data bus in a hub-based memory sub-system
6 8,694,722 Memory systems
7 8,694,718 Wear leveling for erasable memories
8 8,693,251 Processors for programming multilevel-cell NAND memory devices
9 8,693,246 Memory controller self-calibration for removing systemic influence
10 8,693,231 Couplings within memory devices
11 8,693,148 Over-limit electrical condition protection circuits for integrated circuits
12 8,692,603 Methods, apparatuses, and circuits for bimodal disable circuits
13 8,692,568 Electronic apparatus having IC temperature control
14 8,692,373 Methods of forming a metal silicide region on at least one silicon structure
15 8,692,320 Recessed memory cell access devices and gate electrodes
16 8,692,305 Semiconductor devices and structures including at least partially formed container capacitors
17 8,691,704 Methods for forming semiconductor constructions, and methods for selectively etching silicon nitride relative to conductive material
18 8,691,656 Methods of forming an interconnect between a substrate bit line contact and a bit line in DRAM
19 8,691,622 Memory cells and methods of forming memory cells
20 8,691,015 Method and system for binding halide-based contaminants