Micron patents granted on 08 December 2015

20 US patents granted on 08 December 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 9,210,347 Vertical 4-way shared pixel in a single column with internal reset and no row select
2 9,209,904 Optical waveguide with cascaded modulator circuits
3 9,209,620 Combination ESD protection circuits and methods
4 9,209,395 Variable resistance memory with lattice array using enclosing transistors
5 9,209,393 Memory arrays and associated methods of manufacturing
6 9,209,388 Memory cells and methods of forming memory cells
7 9,209,194 Semiconductor constructions comprising fuse capacitors
8 9,209,187 Methods of forming an array of gated devices
9 9,209,166 Semiconductor assemblies, stacked semiconductor devices, and methods of manufacturing semiconductor assemblies and stacked semiconductor devices
10 9,209,158 Pass-through 3D interconnect for microelectronic dies and associated systems and methods
11 9,209,127 Apparatus and method for high density multi-chip structures
12 9,209,039 Methods of forming a reversed pattern in a substrate, and related semiconductor device structures
13 9,209,013 Constructions comprising thermally conductive stacks containing rutile-type titanium oxide
14 9,208,901 Memory buffer having accessible information after a program-fail
15 9,208,891 Memory array with power-efficient read architecture
16 9,208,835 Timing violation handling in a synchronous interface memory
17 9,208,833 Sequential memory operation without deactivating access line signals
18 9,208,075 Non-volatile memory device adapted to identify itself as a boot memory
19 9,208,019 Method and apparatus to perform concurrent read and write memory operations
20 9,207,132 Stress measurement sensor