Micron patents granted on 08 July 2008

21 US patents granted on 08 July 2008 and assigned to Micron

1 7,398,412 Measure controlled delay with duty cycle control
2 7,398,358 Method and apparatus for high performance branching in pipelined microsystems
3 7,398,342 Active termination control
4 7,397,712 Pre-emphasis for strobe signals in memory device
5 7,397,711 Distributed write data drivers for burst access memories
6 7,397,689 Resistive memory device
7 7,397,509 High dynamic range imager with a rolling shutter
8 7,397,503 Systems and methods for reducing artifacts caused by illuminant flicker
9 7,397,479 Programmable multiple texture combine circuit for a graphics processing system and method for use thereof
10 7,397,477 Memory system having multiple address allocation formats and method for use thereof
11 7,397,129 Interposers with flexible solder pad elements
12 7,397,075 Method and apparatus providing CMOS imager device pixel with transistor having lower threshold voltage than other imager device transistors
13 7,397,066 Microelectronic imagers with curved image sensors and methods for manufacturing microelectronic imagers
14 7,396,781 Method and apparatus for adjusting feature size and position
15 7,396,779 Electronic apparatus, silicon-on-insulator integrated circuits, and fabrication methods
16 7,396,774 Methods for forming an enriched metal oxide surface
17 7,396,720 High coupling memory cell
18 7,396,702 Module assembly and method for stacked BGA packages
19 7,396,699 Method of forming non-volatile resistance variable devices and method of forming a programmable memory cell of memory circuitry
20 7,396,570 Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition method of forming titanium silicide comprising layers
21 7,396,447 Through-hole conductors for semiconductor substrates and system for making same